Monday, 2 November 2015

Ramona Maharaj - An English Major from the City of Hamilton

Ramona Maharaj moved from the City of Hamilton to attend the English graduate program at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, not far from her adoptive home in Fort Lauderdale. Maharaj wanted to be an English major since her time as a reporter for her local high school’s newspaper. She has loved to read and write for as long as she can remember. But an English degree can be beneficial for those who aren’t bookworms as well. For anyone who wants to run their own business or become a lawyer or journalist, earning an English degree can be a great start to a promising career.

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

English classes teach students how to write effectively and to read closely. Both of these skills are often overlooked, but business leaders, lawyers, and journalists all have to be proficient at reading comprehension and writing clearly and concisely. An English degree can be a great precursor to an advanced law degree, a degree in journalism, or an advanced business degree. English majors can take their reading, writing, and editing skills and create their own business if they desire. Freelancers can make excellent wages working for themselves with individual clients in a variety of business settings, including advertising, public relations, and more.

Ramona Maharaj decided to move away from the City of Hamilton to continue her education in the English discipline because she wanted to improve her chances of working as an English professor one day. Maharaj has long dreamt of contributing her thoughts and instruction concerning contemporary American literature.