Sunday, 25 October 2015

Ramona Maharaj of the City of Hamilton - Benefits of an English Degree

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton has always been drawn to writing and reading from an early age. She decided she wanted to be a writer in high school, and, after writing for the school paper for four years and contributing to her high school’s literary magazine, she earned an undergraduate degree in English following graduation from high school. She wanted to study English because she loves books, reading, and writing, and it seemed like a natural choice. With her degree, she also has the skills to communicate clearly in written communications, and she has a deeper understanding of contemporary American literature, as well as what literature says about cultures around the world.

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

English majors have unique opportunities after earning their degree. They are in great position to enter Law school, political science and government, public administration, psychology, counseling, business administration, communications, and more. English majors can start a lucrative and promising career in advertising or public relations, as long as they are prepared to start at an entry-level position. Many English majors go on to teach at all levels, from public high and primary schools to college. English members have to complete a master’s degree to teach at the college level, but a bachelor’s degree in English is a great first step.

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton, and she wants to teach at the college level in addition to contributing to the discussion of contemporary American literature. She is currently in the process of completing her Master’s degree in English at Florida Atlantic University.