Monday, 11 January 2016

Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton Discusses Teaching Formality Abroad

Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton has been teaching English abroad to a wide range of students for many years now. This is something that takes time and considerable experience in order to be successful at. That is because teaching abroad means that you will be encountering a wide range of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all of which have different teaching needs and expectations. Learning how to accommodate these distinct needs is how teachers like Ramona have a successful year. Getting your students to learn the curriculum requires as much effort from you the teacher, as it does form the students, perhaps even more when teaching abroad.

One of the things that Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton learned was important about teaching abroad is staying formal and professional. That is because many countries expect a higher level of professionalism from teachers than most American ones are accustomed to. According to’s article, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Abroad”, “[You should] act like a teacher.” This means respecting the formality expected by many foreign students. While that doesn’t mean you cannot get involved with games and activities, doing things like calling your students by their first name is often considered unprofessional in many countries. That is why it is best to act as an authority figure first when teaching abroad.

Ramona Maharaj of the City of Hamilton has been teaching abroad for many years now. She has learned that a formal professional approach is the best method for reaching foreign students.

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