Friday, 4 September 2015

Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton - History of George Brown

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton is proud to have attended George Brown College, a Toronto-based school that uses its location as a tool to help train their students for real life competition in big cities. On the school’s official website, they have a short description of the school’s history that is reflective of their mission and values: 

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

“In 1951 the Ontario Government opened the Provincial Institute of Trades with the goal of providing skilled training to soldiers returning from World War 2. Seventeen years later, as the province established a new college system; the Institute was expanded to encompass a broader range of programs, opening as George Brown College in 1967.

Over time, George Brown College has evolved to support the labour needs of a variety of key economic sectors, and beyond pure skills training to offer a broad range of learning opportunities, including softskills development, extensive field education and applied research.

Since 2004, under current President Anne Sado’s leadership, George Brown has more than doubled in size, broadened its international partnerships and increased its commitment to strengthening the cultural, social and economic fabric of Toronto.”

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton earned her ESL credentials at George Brown College, and then took them all over the world to teach students whose age levels ranged from small children to adults.